Blavity’s Afrotech with Silicon Jungle Labs

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September 29, 2016
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January 29, 2017
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Blavity’s Afrotech with Silicon Jungle Labs

This past weekend following a huge week of election aftermath the first ever AfroTech conference came to life. It was organized and hosted by the largest web medium for black millennials, Blavity. It’s emphasis was on highlighting and sharing stories of founders, VC’s and career tech professionals with an audience of mostly black attendees ranging from age 15 to Adults. Attendants traveled from all over the country to partake in what became an awestruck and inspiring event.  I gave the example to a friend of when you’re young and an educator will ask what you wish to be when you grow up. AfroTech, even for a big kid turned entrepreneur like myself, provided me a more specific example of what I can become in the tech industry with very valid best practices. In a greater example, demonstrating how often close we are to accomplishing some very great feats by stepping out on an idea and pursuing the life of “No Bosses.”

The conference featured talks from a range of presenters including the newly appointed CEO of Y-Combinator Michael Seibel, Pinterest co-Founder and CEO Ben Silbermann, and lightning talks featuring Zim Ugochukwu, CEO Travel Noire, Cedric Rogers, Former Apple employee and now CEO LookLive, Jason Mayden, Former Nike Design Director and now Resident Designer at Accel Partners, Jessica O. Matthews with Uncharted Play, and many more amazing speakers.

I commend Morgan DeBaun and the Blavity team on such an interactive, inspiring, and perfectly timed event to counter much of the strife people are feeling about this November’s election results. Afrotech 2016 was an effective reminder of how near you are to being successful at many moments in life. Hearing the stories of successful people who lived and learned first hand serve as a benefit to those who are well on their way to becoming the next big start-up founders and technology innovators. Considering this is the first Afrotech gathering I can only imagine how lit next year will be. #Afrotech2017? I think so.


pictured from left to right:
Miles Dotson, Michael Cox, & Founders Jordan Sterling, Ikechi Nwabuisi 


pictured from left to right:
 Founder Ikechi Nwabuisi , Jessica Gaddis, & Founder Jordan Sterling,


– Miles Dotson, Product Manager @ Silicon Jungle Labs



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